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Today’s Need

Today’s Need

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Abhishek Jha
·Oct 13, 2020·

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Running from one step to another
Thinking whether the real culprit is hamster or the wheel

Looking at the world from the imaginary lens, I start to justify the view
By choosing between the exponentially rising wealth disparity and fittest survive

Breaking down the core issues, I find the one
The one missing ingredient in today’s world that is Kindness

In the current race to acquire domination, wealth and recognition
Kindness towards our own kind has somehow vanished

Kindness towards oneself, kindness towards others
Kindness towards beliefs, kindness towards the environment

Kindness can forge new paths and connections
That can transcend humanity to levels that wealth and power can never reach

And kindness is to be taught, practised and preached
Only then there can be a time where humanity has more precedence over progress.

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